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Sniffer may refer to:

  • Packet analyzer (aka network analyzer, protocol analyzer or sniffer), computer software or hardware that can intercept and log traffic passing over a digital network
  • Autolycus (submarine detector) (aka sniffer), a device to detect diesel exhaust fumes from a submarine
  • Allan Clarke (footballer), the Leeds Utd, Fulham and England striker known by that nickname
  • A slang term for Intoxicative inhalants
  • Sniffer (Anwar Ka Ajab Kissa), a 2013 Indian film directed by Buddhadev Dasgupta
  • Sniffers - A short film by Marlene Mc'Cohen (actress, producer, writer, director, photographer), is a pet project (pardon the pun) of Marlene Mc'Cohen who is a very outspoken activist in the plight of neglected caged pet birds. The film takes a lighter look at people and their pet bird companions. The characters (and most of the cast) would refer to themselves as a "Sniffer" but only in the safety of a group of fellow "Sniffers".